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Country Brook Shooting

Around 12:35, police responded to the Country Brook apartments on Springfield Ave f...

Regions Bank Robbery

The Regions bank on State street was robbed just after 11:30am today. Two suspects...

[Video] Bondville House Fire

Bondville - Nobody was hurt after a house fire in Bondville tonight. The fire start...

Events We Cover

Minor Events (No notifications sent)
- Minor traffic accidents (Car crashes with little to no injuries)
- Any other story that has the potential of turning into a larger story.

Major Events (Notifications sent out by SMS/Text (here)
- Major traffic accidents (Car crashes with major injuries, fatalities, or traffic impacts)
- Weather/Snow related accidents
- Residential/Commercial Fires
- Shootings (confirmed, with or without injuries)
- Pursuits "Police Chases"

Event Posting

Notifications are sent out immediately, events are posted within 30-60 minutes of the event.

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